Chocolate Calling came about from a love of chocolate and a desire to eat healthier, organic foods.  All the chocolate used is organic and fair-trade, and all our products are handmade and vegan.  We are proud to be on Food Empowerment Project's Chocolate List of recommended companies that make vegan products using fair-trade chocolate.

When will my order ship?

We are currently accepting pre-orders through Friday, November 13. All orders will ship the week of November 16 to allow enough time to arrive by Thanksgiving.

Where do you ship?

At this time, we can only ship within the United States.

Is my order taxable?

Orders shipping to New Jersey will be charged 6.875% sales tax for taxable items.

Do you accept returns?

Our products are non-returnable. However, your satisfaction is very important to us. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or call 201-429-7105, and we will do our best to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Why Organic?

Many cacao plantations use large amounts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides - cacao is one of the world's most heavily sprayed food crops. This is damaging to the forest, the forest's residents (plant, animal and human), the surrounding vegetation, the chocolate and the actual cacao trees. Organic (and Fair Trade) cacao plantations give more consideration to the overall health of the forest as well as the purity of the product and health of the workers. Fat holds pesticides, and other chemicals, extremely well and cacao contains large quantities of cocoa butter, which is fat.

Why Fair Trade?

There are a growing number of small family and village run cacao farms, but the vast majority of commercial cacao is grown on extremely large corporate plantations where working conditions range from barely decent to completely inhuman. Terrible working conditions are, unfortunately, the norm rather than the exception.  Allegations have been made for years that child slave labor is used extensively in Cote D'Ivorie (by far the largest exporter of cacao). The large candy companies first denied it, and then tried to distance themselves from it. 

Why Vegan?

For the animals.  For your health.  For the environment.